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Fashion Floors Direct

Fashion Floors direct

Fashion Floors

Fashion Floors direct from Swaffield Brothers gives you all the advantages of internet shopping plus the chance to choose from an extensive range of samples in your own home.

Current internet technology cannot provide a true representation of the colour, texture and quality of any flooring product. Whether you require fine carpeting, the luxury of real wood or the hard wearing properties of a premium laminate, you should not really make any final decision until you have seen a sample of the product in situ.

Does it look as good in the natural daylight as it does in the evening under your electric lights? Does it enhance the décor of your room or clash? How does it compare to the alternatives? These and many of your other questions can only be answered satisfactorily by viewing large samples of the product in situ over a few days.

To provide our customers with the benefits of internet shopping while allowing the opportunity to make a properly informed selection, Swaffield Brothers have introduced Fashion Floors direct

How it works.

  • Customers make a broad choice using a simple form.
  • We then contact you to arrange an appointment, Monday to Saturday between 8am and 7pm .
  • A member of our Fashion Floors direct team will bring a selection of appropriate samples to your home for you to consider. Samples can be left for as long as required.
  • The Fashion Floors direct team member will be pleased to provide free professional advice and, based upon an in-depth knowledge of our entire range of flooring products, provide alternatives for you to consider.
  • We will provide you with an estimated cost based upon the samples we provide.
  • Once you have made your final choice let us know and we will e-mail you confirmation of the cost and contact you to arrange a fitting date.
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