Selecting a Carpet

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Carpet: nothing looks like it, feels like it or performs like it. A carpet enhances the peace and quiet of your home by absorbing sound. It insulates against the cold, cushions your feet with comfort and adds safety helping to prevent slips and falls and protecting dropped objects from being damaged. Because carpet is a key decorative element in the home and a major purchase you must keep several factors in mind during your selection process. Perhaps the most important things to consider are these: does it fit your taste and does it match your lifestyle and budget?

Location and Use

Before choosing a carpet you must consider how it is going to be used. Will it have heavy or light traffic? Will the room be the centre of activity for family and entertaining? Is there direct access from outside?

Colour and Texture

Because it covers so much living space carpet is the foundation of your room's décor. It can be a neutral colour, blending in with fabrics and other surfaces; or it can be a vibrant focal point of the room, making a statement that reflects your style.